Sissy Boy!

Images on here are all mine. Photos taken with my Iphone and processed, not photoshopped, with apps directly on my phone. I don't have a photo studio. Most images are taken at the entry between my living room and kitchen, with the fridge making up a third wall. Most images, if not all are of me, unfortunately, because it's hard to find anyone who would allow me to photograph them with just my Iphone. This all started when my dog wouldn't let me photograph her anymore. She would look down every time she saw my Iphone. Then the kids I was photographing became shy to the camera, and deliberately sabotage the shot. So, seeing so many self portraits of others out there, the usual look, facing the mirror with phone in hand, I made it a hobby to see if there were other composition options.
I have always felt one can make something out of very little.

This is photography by a guy who was once called a sissy. I don't know, just thought it was cute.